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The Roman Catholic Diocese of San Bernardino (LatinDioecesis Sancti Bernardi) is aRoman Catholic diocese centered in San BernardinoCalifornia. It was founded on July 14, 1978, and comprises San Bernardino and Riverside counties. The Diocese of San Bernardino formerly was part of the Diocese of San Diego. The diocese has 91 parishes, 7 missions and 5 chapels in its territory and it is itself considered a home mission diocese; itscathedral is Our Lady of the Rosary Cathedral in San Bernardino. In recent years, the diocese has become well known as one of the leaders among Catholic dioceses in implementing the Parish Coordinator model of parish leadership.

Ordinaries and Auxilaries

The past bishops of the diocese are:

The diocese's first auxiliary bishop was Gerald Richard Barnes (1992–1995). The diocese's second auxiliary bishop was Dennis Patrick O'Neil (2001–2003). The diocese's third and current auxiliary bishop is Rutilio del Riego Jáñez (2005–).

High schools

*Not associated with the Diocese, though offers traditional Catholic education.


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