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The Roman Catholic Diocese of Norwich is a Roman Catholic ecclesiastical territory ordiocese in Connecticut and New York in the northeastern United States. It was erected on August 6, 1953 by Pope Pius XII.

Its canonical territory consists of the Connecticut counties of MiddlesexNew London,Windham and Tolland. It also includes Fishers IslandN.Y. (Suffolk County). From 1781,Lebanon, just northwest of Norwich, is the place in which the Catholic "Mass was first celebrated, continuously and for a long period, within the limits of the State of Connecticut."


The following have served as bishop of the diocese:

  1. Bernard Joseph Flanagan (1953–1959)
  2. Vincent Joseph Hines (1959–1975)
  3. Daniel Patrick Reilly (1975–1994)
  4. Daniel Anthony Hart (1995–2003)
  5. Michael Richard Cote (2003–present)

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