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The Roman Catholic Diocese of Gary (LatinDioecesis Gariensis) is a particular church of the Roman Catholic Church in the United States of America. It was founded on December 17, 1956, by Pope Pius XII. It is one of four suffragan dioceses of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Indianapolis. Its ecclesiastic territory includes LakePorterLaPorte, andStarke counties in northwestern Indiana. The mother church of the diocese is the Cathedral of the Holy Angels in Gary, Indiana. The bishop is Dale Joseph Melczek. Also serving the diocese are 105 priests, 67 permanent deacons, 10 religious brothers, and 85 religious sisters who are members of various religious institutes. These priests, deacons and persons religious serve a Catholic population in northwest Indiana of 186,420 in 73parishes and missions.

During the first half of the 20th century, many Catholic immigrants came from Eastern Europe and Mexico to work in the region’s growing steel industry. A number of parishes were founded near the steel mills so that the newly arrived immigrants could celebrate Massin their native languages. As of 2012, four parishes in the diocese still offer Mass in Polish, two parishes in Croatian, one in Hungarian, and one in Lithuanian. Fourteen parishes also offer Mass in Spanish. One parish offers a Tridentine Mass in Latin.

The diocese also operates several educational, medical, and social service organizations. Educational institutions include 18 elementary schools, 3 high schools (one of which has an 8th grade prep academy), 1 college, and a Catholic student center at Valparaiso University. The diocese also supervises six hospitals or medical centers, three homes for the aged, three protective homes, three cemeteries, and Catholic Charities, Diocese of Gary.


  1. Andrew Gregory Grutka (1956–1984)
  2. Norbert Felix Gaughan (1984–1996)
  3. Dale Joseph Melczek (1996—)


The Superintendent of Catholic Schools is Barbara M. O'Block.

Elementary schools

Parishes run the following elementary and middle schools within the diocese:

Secondary schools

Secondary schools are directly run by the diocese:



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