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The Roman Catholic Diocese of Covington (LatinDioecesis Covingtonensis) is a Roman Catholic diocese in Northern Kentucky, covering 3,359 square miles (8,700 km2) that includes the city of Covington and the following Kentucky counties: BooneKenton,CampbellGallatinCarrollGrantOwenPendletonHarrisonBrackenRobertsonMason,Fleming, and Lewis. The current bishop is the Most Reverend Roger Joseph Foys, D.D. Thecathedral church of the diocese is the Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption.


The diocese was founded on July 29, 1853 by Pope Pius IX. Installed as the first bishop of Covington was the sitting president of Xavier University in Cincinnati, Father George Aloysius CarrellS.J. The diocese originally consisted of the eastern half of Kentucky, with the then Diocese of Louisville containing the western half.

Historically, the diocese was composed primarily of descendants of German immigrants to the towns of Covington and Newport in the mid-19th century; Catholicism in both Cincinnati and Louisville also had a similar demographic. Much of the parish architecture in the diocese reflects the German cultural heritage.

In 1988, the southern portion of the diocese was incorporated into the new Diocese of Lexington.

2003–2006 Diocese of Covington Synod

In November 2003, Bishop Roger Joseph Foys officially opened the fifth synod in the 150-year history of the Diocese of Covington. An official synod document will be promulgated on August 13, 2006 


The synod will cover the topics of Liturgy and Worship, Parish and Diocesan Administration, Catholic Education, Respect for Life, the Lay Apostolate, Priestly Life and Ministry, Diaconal Life and Ministry, and Evangelization 


The previous synod in the Diocese of Covington was called in 1961 by Bishop Richard Ackerman to address financial record-keeping, marriage ceremony guidelines and high school tuition 



  1. † George Aloysius CarrellS.J. (1853–1868)
  2. † Augustus Toebbe (1869–1884)
  3. † Camillus Paul Maes (1884–1915)
  4. † Ferdinand Brossart (1915–1923)
  5. † Francis William Howard (1923–1944)
  6. † William Theodore Mulloy (1944–1959)
  7. † Richard Henry AckermanC.S.Sp. (1960–1978)
  8. † William Anthony Hughes (1979–1995)
  9. Robert William Muench (1996–2001)
  10. Roger Joseph Foys (2002—)

† = deceased


As of 2013, the diocese held 92,456 Catholics out of a population of 513,971, about 18% of the population of its territory. The diocese contains 47 parishes and 6 missions in 14 counties, the majority of which are concentrated in Boone, Kenton, and Campbell Counties. As of 2006, there were 83 diocesan priests, 9 religious priests, 28 permanent deacons, 346 religious sisters, and 16 religious brothers. The diocese also supports a private collegial institution, Thomas More College in Crestview Hills. In addition, the diocese also administers six area medical centers under the St. Elizabeth Healthcare system. The diocese also administers 28 cemeteries.

Education System

The Diocese of Covington contains 39 educational institutions. They are administered either independently, by the diocesan school board, by the parish with which they are affiliated, or by a religious order. In total, in 2013 there were 14,284 students under Catholic instruction.


High Schools


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