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The Diocese of Great Falls-Billings (LatinDioecesis Magnocataractensis-Billingensis) is the Catholic diocese of eastern Montana, established in 1904.

Pope Pius X erected the "Diocese of Great Falls" on May 18, 1904, by dividing the Diocese of Helena, which previously comprised the entire state. 

For its first 76 years, it was called the "Diocese of Great Falls" (LatinDioecesis Great-Ormensis). Bishop Thomas J. Murphy changed the name of the diocese on February 14, 1980, adding "Billings" (and also changing the way that "Great Falls" was translated into Latin).

The diocese has two cathedrals: St Ann's Cathedral in Great Falls, which was dedicated on December 15, 1907; and St Patrick's Co-Cathedral in Billings, which was dedicated on March 1, 1908.

The co-patrons of the diocese are:

The past bishops of the diocese are:

  1. Mathias Clement Lenihan (1904–1930), originally from Dubuque, Iowa.
  2. Edwin Vincent O'Hara (1930–1939), from Portland, Oregon.
  3. William Joseph Condon (1939–1967), from Spokane, Washington.
  4. Eldon Bernard Schuster (1967–1977), from Great Falls, Montana.
  5. Thomas Joseph Murphy (1978–1987), from Chicago, Illinois.
  6. Anthony Michael Milone (1987–2006), from Omaha, Nebraska.
  7. Michael William Warfel (2007–present), from Elkhart, Indiana.

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