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The Diocese of Helena (LatinDioecesis Helenensis) is the Catholic diocese for westernMontana. It was erected from the year-old Vicarate of Montana on March 7, 1884, while Montana was still a territory. The diocese is a suffragan of the Archdiocese of Portland, which encompasses OregonIdaho, and Montana.


Before becoming a diocese it was the Vicariate of Montana (covering the whole territory and then state of Montana). For its first twenty years, the diocese served all of Montana. In 1904, the new Diocese of Great Falls was formed to serve eastern Montana.

The seat of the diocese is in the Cathedral of St. HelenaHelena, MT.


The past bishops of the Diocese of Helena are:

  1. Jean-Baptiste Brondel - (1884–1903)
  2. John Patrick Carroll - (1904–25)
  3. George Joseph Finnigan - (1927–32)
  4. Ralph Leo Hayes - (1933–35)
  5. Joseph Michael Gilmore - (1935–62)
  6. Raymond Gerhardt Hunthausen - (1962–75)
  7. Elden Francis Curtiss - (1976–93)
  8. Alexander Joseph Brunett - (1994–97)
  9. Robert C. Morlino - (1999–2003)
  10. George Leo Thomas - (2004–present)


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