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The Byzantine Catholic Eparchy of Passaic (LatinEparchia Passaicensis Ruthenorum) is the Catholic eparchy (diocese) governing most Byzantine Catholics in the eastern United States. Its headquarters are at 445 Lackawanna Avenue, Woodland Park (formerly West Paterson). On October 29, 2013, Pope Francis appointed Father Kurt Burnette, until then theRector of Saints Cyril and Methodius Seminary, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (since October 2012), as Eparch (Bishop)-elect of the Eparchy, succeeding William Skurla, who had become the leader of the Byzantine Catholic (Ruthenian) Archeparchy of Pittsburgh, the U.S. headquarters of this particular Eastern-rite Catholic church. Bishop-elect Burnette, 57, is a native of Falkenham, England, grew up in Texas, and was originally a priest of the Phoenix Eparchy.

The Eparchy was erected July 6, 1963 and its seat is the Cathedral of St. Michael the Archangel, in Passaic, New Jersey. Its first bishop was Stephen Kocisko. Currently, the Eparchy has 89 parishes under its canonical jurisdiction.



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