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The Roman Catholic Diocese of Fargo (LatinDioecesis Fargensis) is a Roman Catholic diocese in the American state of North DakotaFargo is the episcopal see of the diocese. It is a suffragan see of the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis. The Cathedral parish of the diocese is the Cathedral of St. Mary.


The diocese was founded on November 10, 1889 by Pope Leo XIII as the Diocese of Jamestown. The name of the diocese was changed to the Diocese of Fargo on April 6, 1897. It lost territory when the Diocese of Bismarck was established by Pope Pius X in 1909.

Bishops of the diocese of Fargo

The bishops who have served the diocese of Fargo are:


The Diocese of Fargo operates a number of departments serving the various needs of the bishop and parishes. The departments include:


Elementary schools

Middle schools

High schools


The Diocese of Fargo also operated Cardinal Meunch Seminary, established in 1962, for the formation of men to the priesthood. The seminary was closed in May 2011 due to increased cost of operation and lack of funding.


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