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The Ukrainian Greek Catholic Archeparchy of Philadelphia is the Catholicarcheparchy governing all Ukrainian Greek Catholic eparchies and Ukrainian Greek Catholics in the United States. Its headquarters are at 827 North Franklin Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The current metropolitan is the Most Reverend Stefan Soroka. The Archeparchy's territorial jurisdiction includes the District of ColumbiaVirginiaMarylandNew Jersey, and the eastern and central portions of Pennsylvania.

Ukrainian Catholics in the United States were given sui iuris status as anordinariate for the faithful of eastern rite by Pope St. Pius X in 1914. Prior to that, all Ukrainian Catholics had been under the jurisdiction of the local Roman ordinary. In 1924, the status of the ordinariate was elevated to that of exarchate, known as theApostolic Exarchate of United States of America, Faithful of the Oriental Rite (Ukrainian). The Exarchate was then elevated to the status of Archeparchy byPope Pius XII in 1950. In 1983, the Archeparchy lost part of its territory to the new Eparchy of St. Josaphat in Parma, Ohio, erected by Pope John Paul II.

Currently, the Archeparchy has approximately 67,250 Catholics and 74 parishes under its canonical jurisdiction.


  1. Soter Stephen Ortynsky de LabetzO.S.B.M. † (1907 - 1916), died
  2. Constantine Bohachevsky † (1924 - 1961), appointed Archbishop of Philadelphia (Ukrainian) in 1958; died
  3. Ambrozij Andrew Senyshyn, O.S.B.M. † (1961 - 1976), died
  4. Joseph Michael Schmondiuk † (1977 - 1978), died
  5. Myroslav Ivan Lubachivsky † (1979 - 1980), appointed, Coadjutor Archbishop of Lviv (Ukrainian)
  6. Stephen Sulyk (1980 - 2000), retired
  7. Stephen Soroka (2000 - present)

† = deceased

Auxiliary Bishops

† = deceased


The seat of the Archeparchy is the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, built in the style of the Hagia Sophia, and located across the street from the Archeparchy's offices. It hosted a papal visit by Pope John Paul II in 1979, the first time a Roman Pontiff had visited anEastern Catholic church in the United States. In addition, Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko and his wife paid a state visit to the Archeparchy and the Cathedral in 2005.

Metropolia of Philadelphia for the Ukrainians

Further information: List of the Catholic bishops of the United States#Metropolia of Philadelphia for the Ukrainians

The archeparchy is the metropolitan see of the Ukrainian Catholic Metropolia of Philadelphia. The archeparchy has three suffragan eparchies: Saint Josaphat in ParmaSaint Nicholas of Chicago, and Stamford.


The archepathy governs parishes in the following states:



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