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The Roman Catholic Diocese of Erie (LatinDioecesis Eriensis) is a Roman Catholic diocese in western Pennsylvania. It was founded on July 29, 1853. It is one of seven suffragan sees in Pennsylvania that make up the Ecclesiastical Province of Philadelphia, which is headed by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

Size of diocese

Erie is geographically the largest diocese in Pennsylvania, covering 9,936 square miles (25,734.12 km2). Erie diocese covers 13 counties in Northwestern Pennsylvania. About 220,000 Catholics (74,000 families) reside in the diocese. They educate 14,000 children and youth in their religious education programs.

Vicariates and parishes

The diocese is divided into three vicariates:

The Eastern Vicariate consists of parishes in CameronClearfieldElkJefferson,McKean, and Potter counties. It has deaneries at BradfordClearfieldDubois, and St. Mary's.
The Northern Vicariate consists of parishes in Eriepart of Forest, and Warrencounties. It has Erie East and Erie West deaneries in Erie, Pennsylvania, plus a deanery in Warren
The Western Vicariate consists of parishes in ClarionCrawfordpart of Forest,Mercer, and Venango. It has deaneries in MeadvilleOil City, and Sharon.

Historically significant parishes include:

Oldest Existing Parishes by Church Dedication Dates:

Other Historically-significant Parishes:

There are 120 parishes in the Erie diocese today, encompassing 151 churches.

Administrative offices

The diocesan offices are located at St. Mark Catholic Center in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Religious institutes


Erie Diocese has many charities throughout all of the parishes. There are 9 main charities within the diocese. Better Homes for ErieChrist the King ManorForeign Missions,Harborcreek Youth ServicesDonate to Mission of FriendshipParish Care and Concern,Prince of Peace CenterRefugee MinistrySt. Martin Center 


Elementary and Middle Schools

Having Catholic schools allows the best way to pass on the Catholic religion through generations. They teach their students the most important values of ever lasting peace and happiness. The focus on teaching the spiritual and secular dimensions of their lives. The schools allow their student to have a place of belonging in a global community. They focus on service within and outside of the school commutnity. The diocese has 33 elementary schools and 2 middle schools.

High schools



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