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The Diocese of Greensburg is a Roman Catholic diocese centered in Greensburg, Pennsylvania that has 85 parishes in ArmstrongFayetteIndiana, and Westmorelandcounties in Western Pennsylvania. The diocese was founded on March 10, 1951, and is currently in the process of reorganization. Several parishes were suppressed on October 30, 2008, which resulted in 14 churches closed and two parishes merged. Some 26 other parishes remained intact with shared clergy, which the diocese are calling "partner parish configurations." These "changes" followed six chapels of convenience that were closed on January 2, 2008, in addition to 13 other chapels closed between 1996 and 2008. The current bishop is Lawrence E. Brandt, since 2004.


Auxiliary bishops


There are 19 educational facilities spread throughout the geographical terrain of the diocesan limits. There are 2 high schools, 14 diocesan elementary schools and 3 non-diocean Catholic schools

High schools

All Saints Regional Catholic School

All Saints Regional Catholic School is a regional catholic diocesan school in Masontown, Pennsylvania. The School is one of 14 regional elementary schools in the Diocese of Greensburg. Classes at All Saints are available from Pre-School to Grade 6. Students from both western Fayette and eastern Greene counties attend school here.

School History

All Saints was formed in 1911 and opened shortly after. Until 1970, the school was staffed by the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. At that point, the Vincentian Sisters of Charity staffed the school until 1998. Kindergarten has changed as well as over the years as it began in 1975 as a half-day program until 1989, when it was moved to a full-day program. After-School programs were added in 1997. Pre-School came to All Saints in 1999. In 2007 Four-Year Olds attended school all day, three days a week.

Specialty Education

All Saints provides specialty education in the following subjects:


The School is accredited by the Middle States Association

Other Services

Non-diocesan facilities

There are three non-diocesan facilities under the Educational Office.


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