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The Roman Catholic Diocese of Memphis (LatinDioecesis Memphitana in Tennesia) is aRoman Catholic diocese in Tennessee. It was founded on June 20, 1970, when Pope Paul VI removed the counties in the state west of the Tennessee River from the Diocese of Nashville, which, prior to that time, encompassed the entire state.

The diocese is broken into two deaneries, the Memphis Deanery comprising Shelby County and the Jackson Deanery which encompassed the other 20 counties in the diocese. Currently, there are 28 parishes in the Memphis Deanery, 14 parishes and 5 missions in the Jackson Deanery.


The following is a list of Bishops who served the Diocese of Memphis, along with their dates of service:


There are a total of 28 schools with a total of more than 8000 students. The high schools include:

* Operates independent and with blessing of Bishop.




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