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The Roman Catholic Diocese of Nashville (LatinDioecesis Nashvillensis) is a Roman Catholic diocese in Tennessee. It was founded on July 28, 1837 by the Dominican BishopRichard Pius Miles. The Cathedral Church of the Incarnation is the seat of the Bishops of Nashville.


Extent of diocese

Prior to 1970, the diocese encompassed the entire state. At that time, Pope Paul VI removed the westernmost counties in the state to create the new Diocese of Memphis; 18 years later,Pope John Paul II removed the easternmost counties to create the Diocese of Knoxville.

The diocese today

The remnant Nashville diocese now encompasses roughly the counties in the Middle Grand Division of the state, with the majority of its membership living in Nashville and surrounding suburbs. However, some parishes outside that area have seen considerable growth in recent times due to the influx of Hispanic immigrants settling in some smaller communities; often, the Spanish-speaking membership outnumbers the English-speaking communicants in such churches.

The cathedral of the diocese is the Cathedral of the Incarnation, located on West End Avenue in Nashville, close to the Vanderbilt University campus. St. Mary's Church, located in downtown, served as the diocese's cathedral until 1914.


The following is a list of Bishops who served the Diocese of Nashville, along with their dates of service:


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